Hands Down

I met Dixie this past Saturday at the North Hills Farmer’s Market.

I have been eating the delicious salsa every day since then.

Hands down, you have the BEST salsa EVER.


Date night a little more spicy


My wife and I are on our second Medium Salsa jar and met you both times in North Hills on a Saturday. We wanted you to know we are having a date night and using your salsa in all our dishes. Not only that, we are going to run by Nofo and grab another jar because we just ran out. Just wanted to let you know how your salsa made our date night a little more spicy.”

Yours Truly,
Alex and Megan G


I cant get enough of it

I tried your salsa at the Got To Be NC Festival and tried some of your Medium salsa and was HOOKED! I took everyone that I was with to try it and they loved it as well. Overall, I brought people over to your booth and helped sell around 3-5 jars of your salsa. I cant get enough of it. Everyone go try it, best decision you’ll ever make.

- Gene S

Eye Hearts Review and Blog

Taken from a review by Helen Wallace who has her own blog at blogspot.com. You may view the whole post by following this link

The yummiest salsa you’ll ever put in your mouth!  This locally made salsa is home-made using fresh, local, all-natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives and with the same love and tradition that Dioxana’s “Dixie” mother used when she was growing up in Honduras.

Tempt your taste buds with mild, medium and hot varieties and decide for yourself which one you and your family will enjoy the most.  I would highly encourage the purchase of at least 2 or 3 jars – it’s addicting and it goes fast…really fast!

The salsa is out of this world

The salsa is out of this world and by far the best I’ve ever eaten. The problem is once I get started, it’s hard to stop before the jar is empty. It’s great on anything, however my favorite is spread over egg based meals and beans. I’m addicted!!! So please keep on making that salsa.
Jeffery McNeil
Wake Forest, NC

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